Message from the President:                

Welcome to the Manitoba Deaf Sports Association (MDSA) website!

I am very excited to serve as the President of the Manitoba Deaf Sports Association (2017-2021) and am looking forward to building the success of our organization. I am thankful for having my board members including the sports committee chairs on board working together as a united front. You are all what makes this organization grow; our dedication and hard work has been based on a very solid vision as a team that we can all be proud to be a part of. I am very proud of our entire leadership team and ask that you all welcome them in serving your best interests going forward.

The board is thankful for all of the 100+ members for putting their trust and faith in us to make this organization a success. We look forward to collaborating with you on implementing new strategies that will enhance the quality of life for the people we work, live and grow with every day. Our mission is to encourage participation in sports to strengthen, promote and instill values of cultural association by providing sporting opportunities to athletes of the Deaf / Hard of Hearing communities. MDSA continues to connect with athletes and help them succeed in their dream of participation in Deaf sports. Currently, MDSA supports multiple Deaf sports such as Hockey, Curling, Golf, Darts, Basketball, and many more.

Thank you for all your efforts and conviction as our unified group strives to make a difference in the place we call home. With your support, we can further improve the lives and well-being of our members and athletes.

Yours in Sports,
Brenda Comte
MDSA President


When you start on your journey here as an athlete
Remember within your heart that everyone involved during the competition becomes your brother and sister.

We pray for you to play well, but fairly.
We pray for you to be strong during your competition and never weak.
Whatever happens, we encourage you to keep going.
If you know victory, we celebrate with you out of happiness;
If you are not cheered, we applaud your hard work in good spirits.

Remember that sports are just games—-one will lose, one will win.
No matter what, if you lose or win, be proud of either.
If you can do it—go for the dream.

We pray you are safe and healthy throughout your journey,
Both physically and mentally throughout the challenges ahead
As we will ALL be here rooting for you.

Once the game is over, some things will matter.
YOU are the role models setting examples, so let them be good ones.
YOU are inspiring people, young and old.
AND, because of this, what we see in you are true Canadian heroes in our hearts.


Thank you all, and good luck!!!

~Brenda Comte~