Concussion Protocol

Concussions can occur while participating in any sport or recreational activity. Since the circumstances under which a concussion can be sustained are so varied, it’s important for all coaches, parents, and athletes to be aware of the signs, symptoms, and what to do if a concussion occurs. Our organization is committed to increased education, awareness, and established protocols that will assist you in gaining the knowledge and skills required ensuring the safety of your athletes. We can all work together to ensure a safe sport environment.


Manitoba Deaf Sports Association (MDSA) is committed to the highest standard of safety for our members, but we all know that accidents can happen when you’re playing any sport. That’s why we’ve adopted the Sport Manitoba endorsed Concussion Protocol, to help guide the management of athletes who may have a suspected concussion as a result of participation in MDSA activities. All original sources can be found in the Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport.





Pre-season Concussion Education Sheet

Concussion Recognition Tool

Medical Assessment Letter

Medical Clearance Letter

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