Jessica Szacilowski

Jessica Szacilowski

Deaf Volleyball Committee Chair

Hello! My name is Jessica Szacilowski and I am MDSA’s Deaf Volleyball Committee Chair. Growing up I went through different phases of sports that I enjoyed playing like soccer, badminton, basketball and volleyball. When I was 14 years old, I followed my sister to a women’s Deaf volleyball training camp in Montreal and trained with the Canada Jr. Team. There I learned more about the different Deaf sporting events and began training for national and international levels of competition. Currently, I play for the Women’s Deaf Volleyball Canada Team in the middle position.

I became an active committee member of MDSA in 2016 and I am also a board member of Manitoba Deaf Volleyball Club. We host an annual volleyball tournament, welcoming people of all skill levels to raise money for Manitoba athletes to participate in national-level competitions. I gained most of my organizational knowledge through my volunteer experience as a Volleyball Coordinator in the Canada Deaf Games 2018, hosted in Winnipeg.

Outside of these organizations, I attend university, pursuing my dream to become an elementary teacher in a Deaf school. This dream began when I started working with children in a daycare centre. Leading craft activities and teaching basic skills are the fun part of my job.

After a day of chaos with the children, I like to unwind by having a hot cup of tea at a local coffee shop, or riding my bike down the beautiful Harte Trail.