Claire Davis

Darts Committee Co-Chair

Hello, my name is Claire Davis. I have been the secretary of MDDC ( Manitoba Deaf Darts Club) since 2019. Recently I have become part time acting president for the year 2021.
I grew up in Winnipeg, MB.

I joined darts in 2018. Why did I join darts? I used to be a fan and watch dart games. I was so fanatical. I’ve decided to join and enjoy it ever since.
I have gotten lots of practice, that’s for sure! I went to CDDC ( Canadian Deaf Darts Championship in 2018 in Edmonton as a fan. I would say wow what a rich experience, socializing with people from across Canada!

What sports did I participate in? From elementary to middle school, I played soccer, volleyball, and broomball. I enjoyed participating in sports until high school, then I stopped until I joined darts in 2018.

Umm, yeah! That’s all! Have a good day!