Athlete Spotlight December 2019: Marty Rabu

Marty Rabu is in our Athlete Spotlight this month!

Marty was motivated to be the Ice Hockey Team Manager because hockey has been a passion of his all his life. Marty has been involved in the sport as a player, general manager, assistant manager, and as a coach for over 30 great years. In that time, he has inspired many Deaf and Hard of Hearing Canadians to be involved in sport, therefore strengthening the community in Manitoba and beyond. Marty has helped shape many Deaf and Hard of Hearing hockey players across Canada into becoming exceptional hockey players, athletes and sportsmen. He is dedicated to creating a strong atmosphere of sportsmanship among players.

Marty is currently managing Canadian Deaf Sports Association (CDSA) hockey teams (male and female) and will be heading to Italy this month for the Winter Deaflympics. He has coached and managed Western Deaf Hockey teams from 1990 to 2014 including teams that attended Nationals, Deaflympics and the World Hockey Championships. He was a member on the committee for World Hockey Championship 2009 which took place in Winnipeg, MB. He was an Assistant General Manager for Team Canada Deaflympics 2003 in Sweden (gold medal) and 2007 in Salt Lake City (silver medal), Assistant Coach for Team Canada Deaflympics 1995 in Finland (silver medal) and in 1999 Switzerland (gold medal). He was even an assistant coach for his son’s and daughter’s non-Deaf hockey teams. He played hockey in the Deaflympics in 1991 in Banff, Canada (bronze medal) and played as a captain for World Deaf Hockey Championships 1989 in Russia (silver medal). A piece of Marty’s heart will forever be with the hockey world!

Congratulations Marty on being nominated for the Athlete Spotlight, and MDSA is proud to have you as a member and athlete. Best of luck at Winter Deaflympics 2019 in Valtellina-Valchiavenna, Italy!