Athlete Spotlight January 2020: Marc Pelletier

Marc Pelletier is in our Athlete Spotlight this month! His story is below.

From the moment I set foot on the ice, it felt welcoming, familiar and natural. I started playing hockey when I was 5 because it meant I got to spend more time with my friends outside of school. By the age of 7, my team needed a goalie and so I volunteered. My parents thought it would be a good idea to be goalie because of my hearing disability. I am a lot more visual, and so the position suited me. I won many tournaments, won gold in bantam. Throughout the years, my friends and I went separate ways in hockey. What kept me going was that I loved training young future goalies.

Aside from my hockey career, I am currently working on getting my red seal in carpentry and I’d like to start my own company building log cabins and sheds.

Shortly after the end of the 2018 CDG (Canada Deaf Games), I was contacted by Marty Rabu, who invited me to come try out for Team Canada as their hockey goaltender.  I caught a plane to Regina for the tryouts and got selected for the 2019 Deaflympics located in Villa Chiavenna, Italy. This past December I had the opportunity of a lifetime to play with guys from around Canada who share the same disability as me. I had the opportunity to practice and learn more sign language, build on leadership, relationship and team roles. It was amazing that every single person on our team was so talented.  I consider all my teammates as my brothers who will always have each other’s back. It was the most unforgettable moment of my life and best experience. Looking forward with you guys in the future.

Congratulations Marc on being nominated for the Athlete Spotlight, and MDSA is proud to have you as a member and athlete. Congratulations on being a part of the Winter Deaflympics 2019 and good luck with your future goals!